About the language

Luxembourgish is a West Germanic language spoken by about +/- 400,000 people in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg) and the Greater Region of Luxembourg bordering with France (Frankräich), Belgium (Belsch) and Germany (Däitschland). There are also a few Luxembourgish speakers in the USA. It has a lot in common with German and Dutch, and has also borrowed some words from French, e.g. merci (thank you).

Luxembourgish Schools for expat communities

Luxembourgish is used in pre-school education in Luxembourg. Primary education is in German and senior education switches to French in some subjects. Luxembourgish will always remain the spoken mother-tongue amongst the population attending the luxembourgisch school system. A child of foreign origin will adapt to the local community and culture easily if  they join the luxembourgish school. After all, community integration and the sense of belonging plays a crucial role when living abroad, starting with the mother-tongue… and feeling the local connect..

Zenergise offers ‘LetzPrepYou’ Sessions

The programme offers

  • Private One-to-One Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • LetzIntegrate Workshop Sessions

All we ask of the students is a commitment and free flowing dialogue with us with focus.

The programme is managed by the Letz’Coach Kanchini who takes a personal interest in supporting the expat Communities to integrate with the local luxembourgish community as well as vice versa.

Visit her page at  www.kanchinivenkataraman.com/coach for more info.

Feel free to enquire and register by mailing us at contact@zenergise.eu

What my students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, hear it from others !

“I had the privilege to be coached by Kanchini and it was a very useful and pleasant experience. She is very dedicated and follows through with each student trying to help in the best possible way.

I appreciated most the workshops that she organised with native speakers and the format she proposed. It is really challenging and pushes the student to overcome their limitations.

The end result is a boost of language confidence and an exponential increase in one’s speaking capabilities.”


Before starting I had a mediocre A1 level, no notions of German and only 2,5 month until the exam. Nevertheless I managed to collect 45/100 in listening and 95/100 in my speaking test and I can’t thank Kanchini enough for that.

She has tailored a very pragmatic study-plan specific for me with an emphasis on the spoken language. Some of the sessions were held via skype, others in public spaces that boosted describing people and environment in real life. Kanchini also has a fantastic group of native-speaking friends who are happy to chat, correct your mistakes and give conversational tips.

Combined with daily brief phone calls the experience was ganz flexible, interactive and effecient.

Vill Gleck!

Samir Mammadov

an Azarbaidjani resident of Luxembourg since 2011



Gives personal attention!

Positively Impulsive!  Available for Coaching after work and weekends.

Language learning is like a sport…. you only get better with practice. Kanchini makes this both fun and effective with daily luxembourgish workout in her own special way. I passed my Sproochentest and can get my Luxembourg Citizenship now. Highly recommend her”

Rushank Bardolia

an Indian resident of Luxembourg since 2010

“Through the original workshops organized every week, Kanchini managed to bring the international community and the locals together!

Learning Luxembourgish with one to one interaction with native speakers was the best way to quick progress.

Kanchini is one the rare teachers that teaches Luxembourgish in a unique, fun and effective way. With her passionate and engaging approach she can help you take your Luxembourgish to the next level and pass the test”

Xenia Kairaki

a Greek resident of Luxembourg since 2010 

“I enjoyed the coaching sessions with Kanchini. She has a very good experience in the preparation for the Sproochentest with the expected questions.

In addition, she has a nice network of native Luxembourgish speakers which was a good chance to practice the language and meet new people.
she is very friendly, helpful, flexible with time to meet and always there to respond to your questions”

Remon Soliman

a Egyptian resident of Luxembourg since 5 Years

“I strongly recommend Kanchini. She is fully dedicated and passionate. Her method will make you progress in fun and you will also discover that you know more than you think!

Her course was really helpful to pass my Sproochentest in a very limited period of time.”

Amine Abdouh

Resident in Lux since 10 years

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Personal Attention

I do not take more than 3 students at any point in time, so that I can provide individual focus


While teaching the language, the focus is on both the Oral and Listening Comprehension Test

Video Conferencening

If you would like to learn remotely using video conferencing, I will find a individual slot for you

Interested in joining us? Would you like to speak Luxembourgish?

( Mail us at contact@zenergise.eu if you have any questions )